NovaVision offers physicians a range of product and service offerings to suit the specific demands of the physician.

Prescription and Referral Program

VRT requires patients to be prescribed by a physician or healthcare professional and provide a visual field test. NovaVision is therefore always seeking physicians to whom we can refer patients looking for a prescribing healthcare professional in their locality, and is interested in receiving referrals for potential patients for VRT. NovaVision provides training, marketing materials and support for physicians interesting in joining the Directory. Although NeuroEyeCoach does not require a prescription, NovaVision provides VRT and NeuroEyeCoach together in a complementary package designed to broaden patient benefits. Please contact us if you would like to learn more

NovaVision Professional Physician Model

NovaVision provides a model which enables physicians to register patients for NovaVision’s VRT and NeuroEyeCoach therapies in their clinic or practice, monitor patients’ progress during their therapy and meet with them to review results during or at the completion of therapy, as desired. The physician is provided dedicated, password- protected portal access to their patients, whose therapy is administered by NovaVision.

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NovaVision offers rehabilitation centers and clinics the NovaVision Center Model, which comprises two programs for the diagnosis and rehabilitation of visual deficits as a result of stroke or other brain injury in one package:

NeuroEyeCoach Therapy

Unlike other saccadic training products incorporated in a suite of rehabilitation programs, NeuroEyeCoach is an evidence-based, dedicated visual training program specifically designed to improve scanning and eye movement efficiency in patients with visual disorders resulting from stroke or brain injury. The program is self-adaptive and systematically adjusts to the patient’s needs and stage of recovery, requiring limited clinician time or clinician intervention.

Vision Diagnostic Test or VIDIT

VIDIT enables therapists to perform high-resolution 7-minute visual field tests to screen for central visual field deficits by campimetric testing of the central 20 degrees visual field. As an undetected visual field deficit may adversely impact other rehabilitation modalities, early detection and treatment can be critical steps towards improving overall patient care.

The NovaVision Center Model is simple and affordable, designed to be optimized on an everyday computer in the clinic. NovaVision has designed an affordable and flexible pricing model to suit a broad range of clinic requirements.

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VRT and NeuroEyeCoach should not be administered to patients who: have a history of photosensitive seizures; are suffering acute inflammation of the eyes or central nervous system; have major cognitive defects; are not able to sit upright and focus on a task for 15-30 minutes, twice a day.