The scientific studies and statistics supporting VRT are impressive, take Vision Restoration Training for instance. This therapy has been supported by 20 clinical studies, including a 302 patient study in which notable improvements were seen in over 70% of the patients. However, the people and patients behind these stories are even more relevant to your assessment of the potential benefits to you

Carole Urban Is One Of Those Patients. 

In October of 2010, Carole was involved in a motorcycle accident that left her so severely injured the police initially reported her as a fatality, but she fooled them. Carole sought help to recover her vision at a prestigious local hospital where she saw the Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology & Visual Science and Neurology. He told her she would never improve and to become accustomed to her vision loss. Carole did not accept that there was nothing to be done and sought out NovaVision.

She proved them all wrong. Download this customer case study for a detailed look into Carole’s story and to learn exactly how this amazing woman used Vision Restoration Therapy to get 90% of her vision back, seemingly against all odds.

This FREE Customer Case Study Will Walk You Through…

  • How vision loss due to homonymous hemianopsia affected Carole’s life
  • The solution – Vision Restoration Therapy
  • How Carole moved forward and completed her therapy
  • The incredible results – got 90% of her vision back after VRT
  • The significant impact on Carole’s quality of life for the better
  • How you can improve your vision with VRT
  • Simply complete the form on the right to download your free copy.

Simply complete the form on the right to download your free copy.