Prior to finding the best physician to help you in the rehabilitation of your vision, it is important to have a clear understanding of the types of problems Vision Restoration Therapy (VRT) can help and whether or not this therapy is appropriate for you. As the patient, you will know your challenges and capabilities better than anyone, so it is best to be prepared for a full and frank discussion with your doctor.

Is VRT Right For Me?

NovaVision VRT is intended for the improvement of visual functions in patients with impaired vision that may result from trauma, stroke, inflammation, surgical removal of brain tumor(s) or brain surgery.

VRT works by repeatedly challenging predetermined areas of lost vision through the course of the therapy; patients use the program to train and improve their impaired visual functions, and thus regain useful vision in the area of the visual field deficit. VRT is performed on a computer at home twice daily, six days a week for six months.

Patients who may benefit from VRT are those with partial residual vision, either in one or in both eyes. One quick way of finding out if VRT might be right for you is to try our Online Visual Field Screening Test; although a lot simpler than the diagnostic test your doctor would give you, it will help you determine if you might be suitable for VRT.

Patients with a history of seizure disorders, especially those who are photosensitive, must NOT undergo VRT until they have consulted with their doctor. VRT should also not be carried out by patients with severe cognitive defects, particularly due to the requirement to be able to concentrate for two sessions of 15-25 minutes a day, six days a week. If you are suffering from inflammation of the eyes or central nervous system you should not start VRT until the acute phase has subsided.

Finally, although there are no age limits for the therapy, VRT is not recommended for children, due to the requirement to be able to concentrate for two sessions of 15-25 minutes a day, six days a week.

How Do I Find a Physician?

It is important to note that VRT is currently the only commercially available therapy clinically supported to actually restore vision after a stroke or other brain injury with FDA clearance. You may be surprised that, despite the huge amount of clinical data supporting VRT, many physicians are not yet familiar with VRT and genuinely aren’t aware that this solution is available. The clinical data supporting VRT demonstrates that the vast majority of patients benefit from the therapy so here’s what you can do to find the best physician for you.

Let NovaVision Help

If your physician is unaware of VRT and its clinical evidence, should he or she show some resistance to prescribing VRT or require additional information supporting the therapy, then why not let NovaVision contact your physician directly and lay the seeds early on. If you would like assistance explaining the method and benefits of Vision Restoration Therapy to your physician, NovaVision is happy to reach out on your behalf. With your permission, we will contact the doctor and will explain the therapy in detail. We are also happy to share success stories and describe the extensive clinical research that has been done to validate VRT over the years.

NovaVision has a number of resources that can be printed or shared with your physician including our testimonialsclinical studies, and general information on VRT.

Find a Prescribing Physician

We are also happy to find a Physician for you who is familiar with VRT and comfortable prescribing the therapy to the right candidates. You can either start the process independently by using our comprehensive Physicians Directory or feel free to contact us at any time, we are happy to connect you to a qualified professional.

Seek a Second Opinion

In our experience, we’ve noted that some professionals tend to have more traditional views on vision rehabilitation and may have reservations prescribing VRT; this is why it may help if you let us explain the scientific evidence directly to the physician. Should the physician still be uncomfortable prescribing VRT for whatever reason and you still want to explore this option further we can assist you by putting you in touch with a physician who is well versed with VRT.

If you’re still having trouble finding out if VRT is right for you or finding the right therapist, please feel free to contact us at any time. Our team is always happy to hear from you, let us do the homework for you!

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