For our Patient Spotlight this month we would like to share the story of not only our patient but also our patients’ optometrist. Dr. Kevin Chauvette has been a NovaVision prescribing physician for many years; we love hearing his patient’s experiences with our therapies.

Here is our patient Walter’s testimonial:

“On March 25, 2015 I was at a seminar doing a presentation. Upon leaving, I noticed something was changing in my vision, I had suffered a stroke and as a result I lost the peripheral vision on my right side.

I went to several hospitals in Boston and was told I would not get better and would not be able to drive again. While I was at the rehab hospital, they told me I was getting better and should meet with Dr. Kevin Chauvette at the Merrimack Care in New Hampshire. After meeting with his team, they gave me a visual test and told me I would be eligible for the NovaVision program VRT.

Dr. Chauvette set me up and registered my account in his office for VRT, after that I was able to download VRT onto my computer at home. I performed VRT for 6 months and during the 6 months my therapy was being administered by the NovaVision clinical services manager Cristina.

In the 6 months of performing VRT my vision has improved and I will be going for my driving license soon!

I want to thank Cristina Racasan as my mentor and supporter throughout the program and for answering all my questions. I would also like to thank Dr. Chauvette for prescribing me with this program (VRT) that has helped me and others who have had major strokes. I highly recommend this program to anyone with vision loss after their stroke or brain injury.”


Walter O. from Massachusetts


Here is Dr. Chauvette’s testimonial:

” The visual field loss you are experiencing following your event is quite common. I used to tell my patients that there was nothing further that could be done to help them. Then I discovered NovaVision VRT as a tool to bring back some of their lost vision. Over the years, I have found that about two thirds of my patients are able to restore their visual field by at least 5 degrees. Even 5 degrees can mean the difference between seeing an entire sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper vs. only seeing half of it. Of the small number of patients who don’t show a measurable field improvement, the vast majority still say they are glad they tried the therapy and feel that they can now scan and compensate better than they could prior to starting therapy.

It’s nice to see that Mr Walter O. is doing so well. He shows a marked improvement!.”

Kevin M. Chauvette OD, FCOVD

If you or someone you know can benefit from our Vision Restoration Therapy, you an take the first step by reading more about our therapy here.

If you don’t currently have a physician, you can find one near your are on our physician directory here.

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