Although this blog aims to share current and educational material on a weekly basis, once a month we like to get personal. Whether it was Carole’s incredible recovery with amazing results or Dr. Kevin M. Chauvette’s experience prescribing VRT, we want to bring you into the world of the people who have benefited from our therapies.

Anette’s story is unique in that she is one of the first people to complete the recently introduced therapy suite consisting of both NeuroEyeCoach and Vision Restoration Therapy. This is Anette’s amazing story in her words:

“6 years ago I lost vision in my right eye, it was black optic nerve stroke. Doctors said I’d never see again out of that eye but unwilling to give up I discovered NovaVision on the internet.

With the help of NovaVision I restored my eyesight in my right eye from pitch black to 20/15 with 6 months of VRT, I was amazed! Then suddenly this year June 14th 2015 I woke up with massive blurred vision in both eyes. Unknown cause as I had normal eye health, so they  suspected that it was due to an optic nerve problem. I was unable to work and put on medical leave.

I completed NeuroEyeCoach and also did another month of VRT therapy. I’m happy to say I can drive again and read street signs and even information on products with small lettering. I am so thankful! Without NovaVision in my life I’d be half blind but amazingly enough I’m completely getting my vision back once again. Every day it’s clearer and I will be returning to work soon. Thank you NovaVision. You have saved my eyesight twice in my life!”

If you think yourself or a loved one may benefit from either of these therapy solutions, or both as Anette did, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. For even more information about Vision Restoration Therapy and NeuroEyeCoach and vision loss due to stroke or TBI, please enjoy a free download of our comprehensive eBook below:

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