Throughout his career, Dr. Roman Moncada has served as the chief of staff for many hospitals, but his primary role was always serving as a consultant to the other Physicians in the field of infectious diseases. He had always believed himself to be in good health until one day, watching TV, Roman realized he suddenly couldn’t breathe.

Given his medical background, the Doctor had a feeling he knew what he had just experienced. It wasn’t until he got to the hospital that he confirmed he had just survived a heart attack and received the medical care he needed. The Doctors recommended that Dr. Moncada undergo Coronary Bi-Pass surgery.

While at home recovering from the surgery, Dr. Moncada remembers one day going to sleep perfectly normally and the next morning waking up on the floor. Upon arriving at the hospital it was discovered that Ramon had suffered a stroke in his sleep and had lost sight in his right visual field as a result. The doctors informed him that the visual field loss was likely to be permanent and there wasn’t anything to do about it.  Dr. Moncada began searching for alternatives of his own.

For over three years, Dr. Moncada lived with his condition, believing that there simply was no therapy that could help him. No solution had been made available to him. It was only after discovering NovaVision’s Vision Restoration Therapy that he began to get his life back.

Nearly five full years after the stroke took place, Dr. Moncada saw significant results that had a serious positive impact on his daily life. For his amazing story and to hear first hand about his incredible results from using VRT, watch the full video below:

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