We love hearing testimonials from our patients who have improved their vision after performing our therapies. This month our spotlight is on our patient Judy, we’re happy to hear that her quality of life has improved since performing Vision Restoration Therapy. We hope that Judy’s testimonial will encourage anyone with a visual deficit following a stroke or brain injury to learn more about our therapies and take the next step towards their visual rehabilitation.

This is Judy’s story in her own words:

“18 months ago I suffered 2 strokes that left me unable to see on my lower right side.  Suddenly, my life became complicated and it felt like everyone was watching to see what I could and could not do.

When I went to my doctor he told me to do a driving retest.  I was devastated.  I kept hitting my hands and body on objects.  My balance was poor as I walked.  My overall vision was different.  If I held my right hand and arm up in front of my eyes and slowly pulled my arm back to the right, the effect was like a drawer closing.  My hand and arm would disappear as I moved it to the right.  I hit my right hand on so many things … like the underside of a table in a restaurant.  I would crack the right side of my right hand on pot edges, vases and cups when I washed dishes and it hurt.  I would walk into the window of my car door and the sides of the seats in a theatre.  I would bump my right hip on the corner of my island in the kitchen.

Other examples of how my activities of daily living were affected were the food would fall off my fork as I ate, I had trouble writing.  In fact everything on the right seemed to be getting darker.  It was very frustrating and scary and as a result the backs of my hands, the underside of my lower arms and my shins were all bruised.

7 months after my stroke I discovered NovaVision.  I heard about this company by reading a book about neuroplasticity.  They claimed to be able to help people who had suffered a stroke to regain some of their lost vision.  I began Vision Restoration Therapy and my results were immediate and dramatic.  In the first month of therapy things got brighter and slowly, month by month, I stopped hitting myself so much.  My writing improved because I could see all around my fingers. My balance improved and best of all, I took 3 driving lessons and passed my driving test!

My results are not perfect; the vision on my right is fainter and not as sharp and clear as on the left, but I can now see on both sides which is something I was not able to do before Vision Restoration Therapy.

I am delighted with my improved vision and I am very grateful to NovaVision.  There is now more quality back in my life and I feel so much happier.”

Judy U. from Canada

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