Once in a while we like to share our patient’s real life stories like Carole’s or Annette’s, today we would like to share a patient testimonial we received from our office in Germany.

Wilfried’s testimonial resonates with other patients that have told us of their skepticism before commencing NeuroEyeCoach or VRT, we hope that his story will encourage you to evaluate these therapies more closely as many patients have benefited from them and should be considered as the next step towards your visual recovery.

This is Wilfried’s story in his own words:

“In July last year (2015) I suffered a brain hemorrhage. It resulted in a visual field defect to the left, which is limiting me considerably. Since the vision loss did not regress in the six months after the bleeding, I started vision therapy with NovaVision in January this year (2016). I began with the NEC (NeuroEyeCoach) program to train faster eye movements, and completed this therapy program a few days ago. I must say that I was skeptical at the beginning that this program might help me, but now experience significant improvements. I can drive my bike again and overall I get along much better. A few days ago I inquired at the supermarket where I could find a particular product that I was looking for. They pointed me to the aisle and shelf, and as I stood in front of the shelf, I found the product immediately. I thought: “This really works, that would not have been possible two months ago. It is almost as it was before.”

Now, when I walk down the street, I do my own exercises and pay particular attention to everything that happens on my left side. I see the cars and make myself aware of their colors. So I train my vision in everyday life.

Now after completion of the NEC program I will start with Vision Restoration Therapy VRT and certainly hope for further improvements!”

Wilfried H., Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), Germany


We are delighted to know that our therapies have helped many patients all over the world! If you or a loved one may benefit from our therapies and live outside the US, please don’t hesitate to contact our German or UKlocation or contact us directly and we will be more than happy to help you.

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