Good nutrition is one way to reduce your risk of having another stroke, and now that the holidays are approaching you may find it a bit more difficult to resist food temptations, like all the desserts that are served at holiday parties, or having that second glass of eggnog, whatever the situation may be; we hope that the following healthy holiday-eating strategies can help you get through this holiday season without impacting your health and waistline.

Mindful Eating Strategy

“When we pay attention to our eating habits, we automatically change how we eat. Paying attention to what we put in our mouth leads to healthier holiday eating” writes Elizabeth Roebber on her blog, she suggests:

By being mindful we limit eating to occasions when we can savor the experience.

Say I decide to be mindful and record everything I eat for a week, just like people sometimes track their spending. Then when I see a box of donuts in the break room and I reach for the donut—my mind click on, I have to record that donut so I check:

  • My state of hunger (on a scale of 1-10)
  • How I am feeling (tired, bored, happy, frustrated)
  • The time of day
  • The food and portion size

In mid-reach I now may decide that the donut isn’t worth the effort of writing it all down. Or I may realize that lunch is in half an hour and the donut will spoil my appetite. Or lastly I may decide I really want a donut and eat it. By paying attention though, I will recall this treat. The awareness of that eating pleasure will help me decline other delicacies I see later in the day.

Other great strategies suggested by

Bring Your Own Food

Contribute a healthy dish to a gathering to ensure there’s something you can indulge in.

Keep Healthy Snacks at the Office

Stash healthy foods in your desk at work so you’re not as tempted by the treats piling up at the office.

Don’t Go Hungry to the Mall

To cut down on the lure of the food court, never go to the mall on an empty stomach.

Eat Before Going to a Party

Before going out, have a healthy snack to curb your appetite.

Keep Up the Exercise

You’re determined to squeeze in at least one or two workouts a week, no matter how busy you get.

Another great source is The American Heart Association, they have put together a Holiday Healthy Eating Guidethat includes great tips and recipes to help you navigate the holiday season in a healthy way, you can view or download it here.

With a little planning and preparation you can indulge in your favorite foods while still eating well this holiday season!

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