Visual field deficits caused by neurological injuries can result in a debilitating loss of confidence and can cause significant isolation. VRT has helped thousands of stroke and brain injury survivors improve their vision and quality of life through daily non-invasive light stimulation that targets the transition zone between the patient’s seeing and non-seeing areas. To help survivors of stroke and other brain injury find out if they are a candidates for VRT, NovaVision has built a unique function into its website making it easy to search for a qualified physician to review their potential candidacy.

Why Join The Directory?

This contemporary solution to finding qualified, passionate doctors for patients who often times have run out of options is open to any physician that would like to help victims of stroke or brain injury try and restore neurological vision loss after a traumatic event.  If you would like to meet new patients who, by working together, you and NovaVision can help, become a member of our physician directory. This frontline tool is accessible to any prospective VRT patients who may be seeking a visual field test or prescription.

It’s apparent that NovaVision is dedicated to finding the best possible solutions for patients utilizing their services, but what is being done for the physicians? To start, a searchable listing is created for every practitioner who joins our directory. Additionally, each one of our listings links directly to each physician’s website which improves their ability to be found on popular search engines and drives more traffic to their website. To further customize each listing, we allow each practitioner to add their contact information and upload a photo, creating an individual profile to establish rapport with potential clients in the future.

Why Become A NovaVision Physician?

NovaVision accommodates the demands of being a physician by offering a full range of product and service offerings. The first being a comprehensive prescription and referral program.

Vision Restoration Therapy requires patients to be prescribed by a physician or healthcare professional so we are always seeking physicians to whom we can refer patients looking for a prescribing healthcare professional in their practice area. Of course, we only work with physicians who are interested in receiving referrals for potential patients for VRT. To make the process as seamless as possible, NovaVision provides training, marketing materials and support for everyone interested in joining the directory.

NovaVision has also developed a model which enables physicians to register patients for both VRT and NeuroEyeCoach therapies within their clinics while also monitoring patients’ progress during their therapy. This model allows practitioners to meet with their patients to review results during or at the completion of therapy, as desired. Each physician is provided dedicated, password-protected portal access for their patients, whose therapy is then administered by NovaVision.

NovaVision VRT was developed and intended to diagnose and improve visual functions in patients with impaired vision as a result of trauma, stroke, inflammation, surgical removal of brain tumors or brain surgery. NeuroEyeCoach is intended for the improvement of eye movements in these patients. If our solutions align with your practice, contact us today to learn more about how we can work together to enhance your current patient solutions.

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