“In March of 2018, I suffered a stroke out of the blue and with no prior symptoms. The event knocked out my vision, I lost peripheral vision, and also began suffering from low vision. The doctor that was treating me informed me that he had experience with my condition and recommended Nova Vision. The Doctor told me that over the years he had very good success with patients who used the programs, and that I would benefit from the program. As I went through the process, I was able to feel the improvement in navigating and finding things. One of the improvements that I noticed fairly quickly was responding to movements and seeing corners of objects that were sometimes hidden from my vision field. I got through stores and began reentering the world as the program progressed. I am now starting to drive again. The Nova Vision program was essential to my recovery.”

— Joe from New York, U.S.


“Firstly I want to thank you for your professionalism, your empathy & your constant availability over the past 6 plus months.

About a year ago I suffered Bi- lateral strokes & lost 60% of my sight, mainly in the lower half of my vision field & as a result I lost my driving license.

Your NeuroEyeCoach program was instrumental, especially the saccadic movement part in getting my license back. After six months of your VRT program my defect was reduced from 60% to 40%. Now when I am driving my car, the only part I cannot see is underneath the dash.”

–Marty from Canada


“After several levels of NeuroEyeCoach, I was a much safer driver. I saw pedestrians more quickly, navigating the grocery store shelves was more successful, I could find the birds in my yard faster. I feel more confident and safe with my improved ability to see more while also having a heightened awareness of my surroundings. I can’t put a value on what I have gained with NeuroEyeCoach, I can just say Thank you with all that I am.”

— Luree from Virginia, U.S.


“Several years ago, I suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a motorcycle accident which resulted in a percentage of peripheral vision loss. After completing the NeuroEyeCoach therapy I did notice improvements, such as regularly locating items in my vision loss field and better motion navigation, so I do not bump into obstacles as often. I believe the therapy helped by improving my vision scanning frequency, and also creating a broader scale to scan making me more aware of how to see things in the “big picture”. I do recommend participation in this therapy. The support team is helpful and encouraging. I believe the product is beneficial to improving vision loss.”

— Carole from Connecticut, U.S.


“I just finished NovaVision’s NeuroEyeCoach therapy program, to help tweak my field of vision. By the end of this program, I could tell improvements in “seeing” as I went about my daily routine in the house and on the road. My eyes are now more quickly picking out objects that I may have missing, or been slower to “see,” prior to this electronic coaching.

This is the second program I have used from NovaVision. Several years ago, after a stroke cost me my ability to read (a horrible feeling), a neurologist recommended NovaVision’s Vision Restoration Therapy. I was reading again at the end of this months-long therapy. I recommend both programs.”

— RH from Florida, U.S.


“6 years ago I lost vision in my right eye. It was black optic nerve stroke. Doctors said I’d never see again out of that eye. But unwilling to give up I discovered NovaVision on the internet. With the help of NovaVision I restored my eyesight in my right eye from pitch black to 20/15 in six months, I was amazed. Then suddenly this year June 14th 2015 I woke up with massive blurred vision in both eyes. Unknown cause eye health normal, suspected optic nerve problem.

I was unable to work and was on medical leave but after two months I completed NeuroEyeCoach and one month of VRT therapy. I’m happy to say I can drive again and read street signs and even information on products with small lettering.

I am so thankful! Without NovaVision in my life I’d been half blind. But amazingly enough I’m completely getting my vision back once again. Every day it’s clearer and I will be returning to work.”

— Annette from Michigan, U.S.


“After a stroke I lost my left visual field. In the rehabilitation clinic I already worked with NovaVision therapy programs and learned that I could continue the vision therapy at home. My eye doctor has also taken a lot of time to explain my different  options, has recommended NovaVision therapies to me and helped me to start.

In April 2016 I started therapy with NeuroEyeCoach, worked very hard and completed the training after about 2 ½ weeks.
NeuroEyeCoach has helped me a lot. After the stroke I had massive difficulties with spatial orientation. When there were many people in a room, I was not able to find my way to entrance and exit. This had already improved a bit over time, but because of NeuroEyeCoach I have no problems any longer. I also get around well in track. Before my training I panicked when I was out with my husband, and suddenly he had „vanished“(which means he had walked away a few steps and I did not see him right away). I didn’t know what to do. That is all over now.

I was on vacation just now, and in the dining hall I noticed how quickly I found my way back to the table, after fetching dinner from the buffet. In the rehabilitation clinic there was also a
dining hall and it was a huge problem for me each time to get back to my table.

Just today I had a great experience of success: on my own, I took the bus into town for my appointment at the beauty salon! Until now I always needed my husband to accompany me. I was already convinced I could never ever go to town again on my own, just for a stroll or for a cosmetic treatment, what women like to do, but it works!

A stroke is a very bad and frightening event, but I feel I was still fortunate.”

— Anita K. from Saxony, Germany


“In July last year (2015) I suffered a brain hemorrhage. It resulted in a visual field defect to the left, which is limiting me considerably. Since the vision loss did not regress in the six months after the bleeding, I started vision therapy with NovaVision in January this year (2016).

I began with the NeuroEyeCoach program to train faster eye movements, and completed this therapy program a few days ago. I must say that I was skeptical at the beginning that this program might help me, but now experience significant improvements. I can drive my bike again and overall I get along much better. A few days ago I inquired at the supermarket where I could find a particular product that I was looking for. They pointed me to the aisle and shelf, and as I stood in front of the shelf, I found the product immediately. I thought: “This really works, that would not have been possible two months ago. It is almost as it was before.

Now, when I walk down the street, I do my own exercises and pay particular attention to everything that happens on my left side. I see the cars and make myself aware of their colors. So I train my vision in everyday life. Now after completion of the NeuroEyeCoach program I will start with Vision Restoration Therapy VRT and certainly hope for further improvements!”

–Wilfred H. from Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), Germany