Often, visual field loss after stroke or brain injury goes undetected, as historically visual field testing has not been part of the routine evaluations administered after a person experiences a stroke or brain injury.

This free vision test is designed to help victims determine if they have experienced neurological vision loss after a stroke or brain injury and can be performed online with instant preliminary results. To properly determine the presence of a visual defect, the results of this free vision test should be combined with a complete vision evaluation with a medical professional.

How Can The Online Vision Test Help You?

NovaVision’s Vision Restoration Therapy (VRT) is the only commercially available FDA-cleared  therapy designed to restore vision loss due to neurological brain damage.

This free vision test can help identify possible vision loss that has occurred as a result of stroke or brain injury and to help patients determine if they may be eligible for VRT and possibly improve their vision and quality of life.

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