Physician Testimonials

I have been working in the field of visual rehabilitation for over 20 years and the addition of NovaVision VRT has changed my treatment protocol from one of training compensation skills for a “permanent” fi eld loss to treatment with VRT as my fi rst line choice to improve peripheral awareness and overall function. I see field expansion in nearly two thirds of the patients I treat and, surprisingly, even those who don’t show and expanded field are glad they went through the therapy.

Kevin M. Chauvette OD, FCOVD Merrimack Vision Care Manchester, New Hampshire

It's been so rewarding providing VRT to patients over the past 3 years! They come back and share with me the improvements in their daily life, from driving again, to being able to enjoy shopping trips and concerts again, to more comfortable reading. They all say it is well worth it!

Heidi L. Sensenig, OD, MS Wyomissing Optometric Center Wyomissing, Pennsylvania