NovaVision is a leader in the rehabilitation of vision disorder resulting from stroke or other brain injury and is therefore well placed to help support group leaders educate their group on vision related issues.

We know that every support group has its unique format; therefore our live webinar presentation on stroke and vision loss includes:

  • A detailed online presentation which can be conducted through Uberconference or Skype for your convenience
  • Educational session that will cover:
    • Facts and Statistics Surround Stroke and Vision Loss
    • What Causes Vision Deficits After Stroke
    • Different Types Of Post-Stroke Vision Deficits
    • Different Recovery Options
    • The Concept of Neuroplasticity

…and more!

  • Interactive Q&A session lead by our team
  • Informative 1-page patient handout with the most important information (so there is no need to take notes)
  • NovaVision Patient Brochures if further follow-up is wanted

Simply complete the form on the right to request a free, live webinar presentation!