Suffering from vision deficit after a stroke or other brain injury can be distressing and hindering to your recovery.

Like other negative side effects of stroke, visual problems do often improve as the brain recovers. When this isn’t possible, they can be quite difficult to adjust to. Whether you are experiencing the effects first hand or taking care of a loved one, the road to recovery can be a long one.

That’s Where VRT Comes In.

Vision Restoration Therapy is based on several decades of scientific research and has specifically been developed to help you. The only commercially available FDA-cleared therapy designed to restore vision loss due to neurological brain damage; you can take steps toward recovering your vision at home, on your own computer, and on your own schedule.

Our FREE downloadable eBook consists of a 21-page guide that will walk you through:

  • What Causes Vision Loss After Stroke?
  • What is Neuroplasticity?
  • How to Prepare For the Discussion With Your Doctor
  • Clinical Studies
  • Stories of Recovery
  • Whether or Not VRT Is Right For You
  • About NovaVision
  • Next Steps

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