This month we are featuring a testimonial from our patient Max. We are happy to hear that our Vision Restoration Therapy had a significant improvement in his activities of daily life and that he is now able to drive again.

Here is Max’s testimonial:

“After my stroke in April 2017 I had suffered from a visual field defect to the left that restricted me tremendously. In the rehabilitation clinic I started working with a NovaVision program. Afterwards I started a therapy with a different provider, but felt not really looked after. I then contacted NovaVision…and performed Vision Restoration Therapy for half a year two times per day.

Through the whole time I received very good service and was well cared for. I noticed considerable improvements. Two independent visual field tests (at the eye doctor and the clinic) confirmed these improvements. To my surprise the defect decreased even in the far left periphery, even though this area was only “touched” by the stimulated region on the PC-screen.

I have achieved my goal: I am allowed to drive again, and I don’t feel restricted or impaired any longer! I recommend this therapy to everyone, costs and efforts have really been worth it.”

Max D., Bavaria, Germany

We hope that Max’s story will encourage you to evaluate our therapy suite more closely; many patients have benefited and we believe it should be considered in your next steps towards your visual recovery.

Damage to the visual field is different in each case. The patient presented here has achieved a particularly pronounced improvement. Results vary and those for one patient should not be viewed as typical or taken as an indication of a likely result for a different patient. Outcome studies have shown an average visual field border shift of 5 degrees of visual angle.

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