Have you found yourself struggling to carry out daily tasks such as locating objects in your home or finding a specific product on the supermarket shelf? If you have suffered from a stroke or other form of neurological brain damage you may also have a visual disorder.

You may have heard that brain injuries can result in visual field loss; normal eye movements are often affected after brain injuries as well. Since many of our daily activities are guided by our vision, irregular eye movements increase the problems of performing visually guided daily activities. Specific training is needed for you to learn to make effective use of your eye movement again. NeuroEyeCoach has been specifically designed to help patients make the most of their remaining vision through effective eye movements again.

Who Can Benefit?

NeuroEyeCoach was specifically developed for patients who have suffered a visual disorder as a result of neurological brain damage such as that caused by a stroke or other brain injury. While a spontaneous recovery may take place, less than 20% of patients develop an effective compensatory behavior spontaneously. The other 80% of sufferers do require effective interventions to allow them to overcome their disability.

Could I Be Suffering?

In order to be fully aware of your immediate environment you must utilize a full visual field. To see the intricate details of the world around you requires continuous movement of your eyes.  People do this by exploring their surroundings at consecutive locations up to three times a second, moving their eyes rapidly (also called saccades) between locations. The distance between two locations covered by a saccade is called saccade amplitude.

Patients who have suffered neurological brain damage that has resulted in a visual field deficit appear to have smaller saccade amplitudes, exploring more of the sighted regions rather than the blind areas, have a larger number of fixations and a lower ability to integrate information between the left and right hand side of their vision. Therefore, they have a difficult time becoming aware of the events at the side of their visual field loss and in grasping a scene as a whole.

What are the Patient Requirements for NeuroEyeCoach?

In order to complete the NeuroEyeCoach program you must have the ability to sit upright and concentrate without distraction for training sessions lasting approximately 15-20 minutes, two-six times a day for a maximum of two hours and for a minimum of three times a week. You must be able to operate the left and right buttons of a mouse comfortably or the left and right direction arrows on a computer keyboard. You must also be able to demonstrate that you can see letters shown on the computer monitor by passing the NeuroEyeCoach simple online font-size test and also understand and follow written or audio instructions.

Since NeuroEyeCoach is a computer based therapy that can be completed in the comfort of your own home, there are additional technical requirements as well. You must have a reliable internet connection as well as a desktop or laptop with Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10. A screen size of 15” (diagonal) or greater is recommended, as the program should not be run on a screen size below 13” (diagonal). To complete the therapy effectively, the patient must have some familiarity with computer operation and internet browsing. NeuroEyeCoach does require an initial download and run of an Installation program from the NovaVision website portal. Should you enroll, your progress reports will also downloaded from the same portal.

If NeuroEyeCoach seems like the solution you have been looking for, you can find a complete list of contraindications, warnings, and precautions here.

Based on several decades of scientific research, this program has led to meaningful improvement in visual search performance, resulting in improvements in navigation skills and object finding for many patients over the years. If the symptoms above sound familiar and you would like ability to make the most of your remaining vision, download our free demo to get started.

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