We are back this month with an incredible testimonial from our patient in Germany! Once in a while we like to share our patient’s real life stories like Carole’sAnnette’s or Wilfred’s.

We hope that Anita’s story will encourage you to evaluate NeuroEyeCoach more closely as many patients have benefited from it and should be considered as the next step towards your visual recovery

This is Anita’s story in her own words:

“After a stroke I lost my left visual field. In the rehabilitation clinic I already worked with NovaVision therapy programs and learned that I could continue the vision therapy at home. My eye doctor has also taken a lot of time to explain my different options, has recommended NovaVision therapies to me and helped me to start.

In April 2016 I started therapy with NeuroEyeCoach, worked very hard and completed the training after about 2 ½ weeks.

NeuroEyeCoach has helped me a lot. After the stroke I had massive difficulties with spatial orientation. When there were many people in a room, I was not able to find my way to entrance and exit. This had already improved a bit over time, but because of NeuroEyeCoach I have no problems any longer. I also get around well in traffic. Before my training I panicked when I was out with my husband, and suddenly he had “vanished“ (which means he had walked away a few steps and I did not see him right away). I didn’t know what to do. That is all over now!

I was on vacation just now, and in the dining hall I noticed how quickly I found my way back to the table, after serving myself dinner from the buffet. In the rehabilitation clinic there was also a dining hall and it was a huge problem for me each time to get back to my table.

Just today I had a great experience of success: on my own, I took the bus into town for my appointment at the beauty salon! Until now I always needed my husband to accompany me.  I was already convinced I could never ever go to town again on my own, just for a stroll or for a cosmetic treatment, what women like to do, but it works!

A stroke is a very bad and frightening event, but I feel I was still fortunate.”

Anita K., (Saxony), Germany

If you or a loved one may benefit from NeuroEyeCoach as Anita did, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or call us directly at 888.205.0800.

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