We are back this month with a wonderful testimonial from our patient Stu. We are happy to hear that our therapies have had a significant improvement in his activities of daily life.

Here is Stu’s testimonial:

In November of 2015 I had complications following a surgery to repair a CSF leak in my brain.  Complications included severe meningitis followed by a brain hemorrhage. The hemorrhage caused left peripheral vision loss.  After getting discharged from acute in-patient rehabilitation, I was unable to drive, read, pay bills, ride my bike, and find things in the grocery store.  In addition, I regularly bumped into things on my left side because I did not see them. I participated in Speech, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy for many months, and added on the NovaVision at the recommendation of my Speech Therapist and Optometrist. 

I think the NovaVision therapies (NeuroEyeCoach and VRT) have been very helpful in addressing my left visual field loss acquired from a brain injury.  Although it does take discipline to complete the therapy twice each day, I can see the benefits after I complete each month and get the report that shows my field of vision is improving. The information from those monthly reports is very encouraging. Since I saw continuous benefits from VRT in the first six months, I chose to add a few more months of therapy in hopes of continued improvement. 

As I near the completion of my NovaVision therapy, I am cautiously driving again, and have had significant improvements in the other deficit areas. The staff at NovaVision have been very responsive and encouraging. I would highly recommend NovaVision to anyone who has suffered vision loss due to a brain injury.

Stu from Iowa

We hope that Stu’s story will encourage you to evaluate our therapy suite more closely; many patients have benefited and we believe it should be considered in your next steps towards your visual recovery.

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