You may have seen our previous blog on what to expect from the Visual Field Test, but might have been unsure if it truly applied to you. If you or a loved one has suffered a stroke or other brain injury, this blog should be of interest to you. As other post-stroke conditions are often treated first, screening for visual field loss and other vision deficits is often overlooked during a stroke survivor’s initial care. Some doctors may not believe there is anything that can be done to recover your vision while other doctors may be preoccupied by treating more life threatening symptoms from your ordeal. Whatever the case may be, your vision is important. It is imperative for a full recovery that any visual field loss be identified and treated. And yes, there is something you can do about it. If you didn’t think this applied to you before, here are five good reasons to take a visual field test online:

1 .Taking the Test is Convenient.

This Visual Field Test can be done at home or even with a caretaker, in a location that is most comfortable for you. Being comfortable in a familiar environment enables you to focus, reduces stress, producing the most accurate result.

2. It Helps You Identify Possible Vision Loss That Has Occurred as a Result of Stroke or Other Brain Injury.

Often, visual field loss after stroke or brain injury goes undetected. Because of this, visual field testing may not have been part of the routine evaluations administered to you or your loved one after experiencing a stroke or brain injury. Nevertheless a visual field loss or other disorder can have a negative impact on other rehabilitation modalities.

The online vision test is designed to help survivors of stroke or other brain injury determine if they have experienced neurological vision loss. To properly determine the presence of a visual defect, the results of this free vision test should be combined with a complete vision evaluation with a medical professional, however this test will give you a good insight into whether you are likely to have an issue that needs further investigation.

3. Determine if You or a Loved One Could be Eligible for VRT.

In addition to helping survivors identify the potential of neurological vision loss, the visual field test can also help you or a loved one determine if you may be eligible for Vision Restoration Therapy. That’s what makes the visual field test so useful, not only can it help identify the problem but it also helps identify a potential solution.

What does being eligible for VRT mean for you? It means there’s a big opportunity for you or your loved one to not only improve your vision but also your overall quality of life. After all, it is the only commercially available FDA-cleared therapy designed to restore vision loss due to neurological brain damage.

4. It is Fast and Easy to Complete.

This test was specifically designed to be easy to complete. It can be completed between 3-5 minutes on average. Additionally, the person taking the test will receive the preliminary results almost instantly. In an effort to make the test as comfortable and easy to complete as possible, the patient is given a series of options that range from text sizes and even an audio alternative that assists with what you will need to do.

5. There’s Nothing to Lose, But So Much to Gain!

At no cost, it is easy to see how valuable the online test is, but it goes far beyond identifying a visual deficit following a stroke or brain injury. Although this test is a beneficial tool, it is important to note that it does not take the place of a medical exam. The test is intended to allow patients and their loved ones a safe, free, and convenient option to identify visual deficits which generally have negative impacts on a person’s quality of life and that can easily have been  overlooked by doctors. Vision field loss is a serious problem that can affect so many aspects of a patient’s recovery. Above anything else, by taking the Online Visual Field test you are arming yourself with the tools to move forward with a full recovery. To see for yourself, click the button below:

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