On last week’s blog we gave you some tips on how to stay healthy during the holiday season, and on today’s blog, we’ll go over some of the foods that will not only make you happy but healthy as well, all in moderation of course.

Walnuts are top nut for heart-healthy antioxidants

On a study for American Chemical Society, scientists presented an analysis showing that walnuts have a combination of more healthful antioxidants and higher quality antioxidants than any other nut.

“Walnuts rank above peanuts, almonds, pecans, pistachios and other nuts,” said Joe Vinson, Ph.D., who did the analysis. “A handful of walnuts contain almost twice as much antioxidants as an equivalent amount of any other commonly consumed nut. Walnuts can actively help reduce cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems. Read more on the study here.

Eating chocolate linked to ‘lower heart disease and stroke risk’

A study from University of Aberdeen (Scotland) in 2015 concluded that, compared to those who ate no chocolate, those who ate up to a small bar a day had an 11% lesser risk of cardiovascular disease and a 23% reduced risk of stroke. The study was based on data from the EPIC-Norfolk study which is tracking the impact of diet on the long-term health of 25,000 men and women in Norfolk.

Dr. Tim Chico, reader in cardiovascular medicine and consultant cardiologist at the University of Sheffield, said “These studies taken together suggest that there might be some health benefits from eating chocolate. However, it is also clear that chocolate has the potential to increase weight, which is unequivocally bad for cardiovascular health.

He added: “The message I take from this study is that if you are a healthy weight, then eating chocolate (in moderation) does not detectibly increase risk of heart disease and may even have some benefit. Read more on the study here.

Coconut oil benefits and uses go beyond what most people realize.

Dr. Josh Axe who is a certified doctor of natural medicine writes:

“To date, there are over 1,500 studies proving coconut oil to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

“Most of the fats that we consume take longer to digest, but MCFAs  (medium-chain fatty acids) found in coconut oil provide the perfect source of energy because they only have to go through a 3 step process to be turned into fuel vs. other fats go through a 26 step process!” To read more on Coconut Oil Benefits & Side Effects click here.

Avocados can help to decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and overall mortality while promoting a healthy complexion and hair, increased energy and overall lower weight.

In an article written for Medical News Today, Megan Ware RDN L writes:

Avocados are a great source of vitamins C, E, K, and B-6, as well as riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium and potassium. They also provide lutein, beta-carotene and omega-3 fatty acids.”

“Although most of the calories in an avocado come from fat, don’t shy away! Avocados are full of healthy, beneficial fats that help to keep you full and satiated.” To read on the many more health benefits and how you can incorporate avocados into your diet click here.

Above were just a few examples of how you can incorporate delicious foods into your diet without sacrificing on the flavor and ultimately staying healthy. Of course, each person is different and therefore getting guidance from a professional like a dietitian or nutritionist will help you make the best decisions tailored to your needs and likes.


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